Faces For Radio

Season 2, Episode 3: Two In The Bush

February 03, 2019 Faces For Radio Season 2 Episode 3
Season 2, Episode 3: Two In The Bush
Faces For Radio
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The longest Episode to date sees a wide range of topics covered, from making beer, to constitutional reform to the Faces For Radio by-laws. Siri the comedian comes into play, porn in the hedgerow, Album Artwork, Musical Influences, breaking into Chessington World Of Adventures, getting caught short and managing bad toilets.

Constitutional Reform
Netflix Nonsense
Phil's Surprise
Making Beer with HomeBrew
Religion, Porn and Bushes
Nostalgia - Breaking into Chessington World Of Adventures
Tim's Complaint and horror stories about toilets
Siri, The Comedienne
80's Theme Tunes & Casualty Bingo
Back To The Future
Outro Number 1
Going Outro Outro